If you are interested in doing this hiking trail, read the “Details” section.  If you are interested in how the path looks like, see the “Video” section. For complete details of the trail, check this link .


Starting pointMunich Hbf
JourneyTake the DB to Scharnitz. The werdenfels ticket is required. One way costs 14 euros per head (if you are 5). Walk to the information centre at Scharnitz. Take the right there. You should already see a sign board to Brennenspitze. In doubt, refer to the link I posted in my first para.
Trail starts at Right near the Information booth at Scharnitz.
Trail distanceDistance: 12,2m
Elevation gain: 1230m

Lowest point: 707m
Highest point: 2628m
Trail journey timeEstimated duration: 6-7h roundtrip without breaks
DifficultyMedium difficult.
Equipment neededNormal hiking shoes.
SuggestionsNeed a head for heights. Don't be afraid. Some scrambling and climbing required. Nothing too difficult.
Ending pointMunich Hbf
Total journey timeTrail + Train + Rest stops = 13 hours
Total expense 13.5 euro for the werdenfels ticket + 6-7 euro if you eat at the Hut


Hiking to Brunnensteinspitze (2180m)
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