Hey Fellas,

Subject : A quick update on what’s in store for the year 2019.

As you might have noticed there has been a long lull in this website in 2018. There have been reasons. The gist is that 2018 has probably been the lowest point in my life due to various circumstances. I have let them get better of me and have gotten wayward. But reflecting back, they seem like sorry excuses to me. As Elvis once said, the “when things go wrong, don’t go with them”.

That brings us to 2019 : the NOW. A new year with the promise of new beginnings. I have couple of things planned. I am planning to be disciplined, and stick to a regular schedule. This will help me : to get regular super useful blogs posts for you all, and personally keep me in check. So, expect to get two posts every month :

  1. Every second Saturday, in the month, will be “Fun finance Saturdays”
    I will be sending out one post, mainly revolving around financial independence, investment tips and frugality. Also, many wrote to me asking how to exactly get started in investing. I will try to cover those too.
  2. Every fourth Saturday, in the month, will be “Book digest Saturdays”
    You will get condensed summary of books, that I find interesting. I have realized just reading books, especially self-help ones, doesn’t do much if I don’t apply or revisit those topics. I hope others finds this summaries useful too.

I promise to stick to this schedule. Maybe, also throw in couple of smart-home stuff that I have been building in 2018.

So, I wish you all an amazing start into year 2019. Happy new year and good luck for everything that you setting out to do!

Plan for the year 2019!
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3 thoughts on “Plan for the year 2019!

  • January 7, 2019 at 09:38

    Yo Adi!

    Long time no see! Good to hear the blog is back on!

    Looking forward to them dude.


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